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Adding Character In Your Home

Do you guys ever look at properties for sale (even when you’re not moving)? That is so me! I just love structure and it’s fun to sneak a peek inside. Hey, some folks get lost on Facebook, I get lost looking at architecture and design. 😉 Read More »

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Sweet Heart Notes DIY

Need a creative, yet simple idea for Valentine’s Day?  Here’s a tender way to express your love to the sweethearts in your life.  Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Decor

My Bedroom: A Work In Progress

Decorating a room can be a process. It can also take time to build the look you want. I’ve been working on my bedroom for 4 years and it’s still not done.  Read More »

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Rethink How We Drink Water

Okay ladies I’m going to do a little switch-a-roo today. I’m posting another Beautiful on the Inside post today, because we need to talk more about how to feel good in our bodies. The biggest secret ingredient… water! Read More »

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Love Living in Your Body

When you nourish your body with proper nutrition, you can have boundless energy, move better, get sick much less, and absolutely love living in your body!
Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Decor

My Living Room & Kitchen Remodel

Yep! It’s going to get pretty crazy and very dusty at my place here in a little bit. I’m so, so desperate for more storage space in my little square home. So I’m putting in more cabinets and shelving…  Before I start this madness I’d love some of your advice! Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Self-Care

2018 Beauty Trends

2017 was the year of the eyebrow, which by the way aren’t going away anytime soon, but what will be the top beauty trend for 2018?!  Read More »

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DIY Surfboard, Plus New Space Room Plans

Fun new things are emerging left and right for My Daily She! First, I had such an awesome response to last week’s Beach Themed Room, plus requests for how to make the DIY surfboard. Wait no further!  I have all those juicy details to the surfboard below. Second, I’m currently working on a Space Themed Room for another boy so there’s a little sneak peek into how that room will eventually be set up.  Read More »

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