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Color & What It Means Part 1

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Color trends come and go, but all you really need to worry about is which colors make you feel comfortable and happy.  Make your home beautiful by choosing colors that reflect who you are.  The tricky part is knowing how to blend and arrange the colors you like into a combination that come together well. Read More »

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Lolly Jane!

The lovely ladies over at Lolly Jane (an amazing blog, with so many great ideas, and a huge, loyal following – if you haven’t visited, you should totally do it today!) were kind enough to allow me to do a guest post on their blog!  I am SO excited!!!  It also happens to be one of my favorite home projects.  Check it out!  Thank you so much Lolly Jane!



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Oh, Color! I Love You So!

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Colors plays a huge role in the world we live in.  Color also has different meanings in various cultures.  Color can actually sway the way you think, adjust your mood, irritate or relax your eyes, raise your blood pressure or calm you, it can even affect your appetite. Read More »

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Knowledge Is Power

Karen Hanberg and her daughter, Heather Lindsay.  

Back in October 2016 a childhood friend of mine, Shelly, passed away at the very young age of 35 from a long battle with Breast Cancer.  She left behind a husband and 3 beautiful boys. Before being diagnosed with Breast Cancer she had no idea that she carried the BRCA 1 gene.

Shelly Taylor Cuevas & Melessa Bills Paynter in Washington DC 1997.

This post is dedicated in loving memory of Laura Twilley & Shelly Cuevas.   Read More »

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A Little Sneak Peak at What’s to Come…

I’m so excited!  I have my first E-design!  This is something new that I will be starting up super soon.  More service details to come…  For now  I have a “1 Room” post and I am doing a classical and traditional East coast, very approachable budget friendly family room. Read More »

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Perfectly Imperfect is Perfect

Did you know self-doubt is the BIGGEST hurdle to success?  Far too many of us are too afraid of taking a leap for the fear of revealing our own imperfection…
Read More »

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My Creative Escape

There are lots of different ways to deal with stress.  Some healthy, some not so healthy.  Some people go on vacations, some run or do yoga.  Others hit the bar or binge eat (I have totally eaten my feelings in the past).  For me: I build, paint and create. Read More »

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The Projects Just Keep on Coming

I’ve got so many fun and exciting projects I want to share with you guys.  I’ve been working like crazy finishing up projects, building products, staging them and photographing them.  Now I’m at the editing stage with some, so get ready for more of my wild, yet fun ideas.  My brain never stops! In fact, so many ideas flood my head that at times it’s hard to maintain peace of mind.  The ideas just never stop!  That’s the way I’ve always been.

My dad had some amazing, old weathered, barn wood at his place that he was going to get rid of or try to sell.  I asked him so very nicely not to sell it and give it to me (his very creative, workaholic daughter).  He had no doubt I would put it to good use.  So he went above and beyond and drove it all the way out from Idaho to my place in Minnesota in his old pick-up truck!  How cool is this pile!  Don’t you worry! I’ve got big plans… Read More »

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Believe In Your Own Power

Sanni Brown is a TV / radio personality and voiceover artist based in St. Paul, MN.  She hosts “Candy Freshon the St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), appears on TV for Evine LIVE, fills in as a DJ at 89.9 KMOJ, and has done voiceover work for the likes of Target, Pandora, KDWB, and the Minnesota Historical Society.

Her charisma, charm, and positive energy kept me smiling throughout our interview and photoshoot.  She made my day, and I know that her story will brighten your day, too! Read More »

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