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Gabe’s Room

Decorating and designing elements for our own homes can feel overwhelming and complex at times.  For me, it’s my creative outlet.  It’s also one of my ways of mentally escaping and relaxing.  I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it works well for me.  You know how some people are extremely sensitive to fingernails on a chalkboard, or hearing people chewing food?  That’s how I am when it comes to having balance in my personal environment.  It doesn’t need to be perfect and not at all high end.  Those things aren’t important to me.  I realize that the decorating process isn’t going to be perfect regardless of the room or person.  I feel I do the most growing when things are a challenge.  I learn way more when I have to adapt, vs having a fixed, unchanging mindset.  Your environment had an enormous impact on your mood.  So. today’s post is about my youngest son’s room and how it makes him feel.  Read More »

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That Man In My Life

If you thought I forgot about Father’s Day, well, I didn’t.  🙂  I though about it all last week and this past weekend, too.  The last couple of weeks have been overloaded with to-do’s and super late nights.  But, I got through it!  And it wouldn’t have been possible without Nate’s support.  So this post is dedicated to the father of my two boys. Read More »

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Design Tip: Hanging Art on Walls

Image above via Luxe

Hanging artwork at the wrong height is one of the most common mistakes folks make when decorating their homes.  I hear all the time, “You should hang artwork so the center of the picture is at eye level…”  Wrong!  We are all built differently. If we all hung artwork at our personal eye level artwork would be all over the place.  What if your partner was 6’4″ and you were 5 feet tall?  Where do you put it then?  Read More »

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Becoming Our Best Selves

Image via Lasting Memories Photography

So, as I said last Tuesday the My Daily She team is growing!  We’ve got two lovely ladies that are coming on board.  Last week we said hello to Jenny Hansen Lane!  Today say hello to Jo Brown! She is a beautiful, very talented Writer, Saleswoman, Marketer, Mother and Wife, who truly wants to make the world a better place by sharing her hope with others.  Living in Perry Utah, she will be assisting with editing, sales and marketing.  I am so grateful to have her as a new team member!  Take it away, Jo!

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A Sweet Family Portrait

I love making people feel beautiful, both inside and out.  I love sharing my talents with others.  It’s a beautiful bonding experience.  For me it’s more than just dressing someone up and snapping some pics or redesigning a space for someone.  It’s creating a masterpiece with someone and for someone.  It’s an opportunity to spend time with a person, get to know them, look at them, study them up close and really see all their gorgeous qualities. Read More »

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Creating Art with Meaning

Image via

I have really exciting news to share!  The My Daily She team is growing!  We’ve got two lovely ladies that are coming on board.  Say hello to Jenny Hansen Lane! She is a beautiful, very talented Artist, Photographer, Writer, Mother and Wife, who truly loves people and serving them with her time and talents.  Living in Lexington Kentucky, she will be assisting with interviews, photography, editing, and marketing.  I am so grateful to have her as a new team member!  Stay tuned next week to meet another new team member.  Take it away Jenny!

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Window Boxes To Die For

Image via Pinterest

I know, right?!  Window boxes are amazing and magical.  I’m normally a very decisive person!  It’s true.  But there are two things in the whole world that make me very indecisive… desserts and flowers.  I pretty much love all desserts and sweets, but this post isn’t about sweets.  Today’s post is about flowers!  I love flowers and plants so much and I am always looking for ways to add more to my house and yard each summer.  So I need your help!  I’m trying to convince my hubby (Nate) to put up window boxes on the front of our house.  If I get a ton of comments and support, maybe that will help him say yes to the idea…   😉   so keep reading… Read More »

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Solve For Happy

I’m juggling a lot right now, so today’s post will be a quick one.  I’ve been able to interview some amazing women recently and I can’t wait to share their stories with you!

Like many of us out there, Nate and I are a two income family and have the worries that come along with a mortgage, school loans, medical bills, etc.  Sometimes when we get to the end of a busy day or a busy week where things just didn’t work out the way we were hoping, and we’re tired and frustrated, it can be tough to say, “I’m happy.”

Nate came across an interesting approach by an author who attempts to “engineer” happiness.  The author, Mo Gawdat (a Chief Business Officer at Google [x]) states that happiness is not determined by what life gives you.  Rather, it is determined by how you feel about what life gives you.  Happiness is the peace and contentment that comes with feeling that life is okay.  While “fun” (a distraction from what life gives you, when the brain stops thinking) is the modern substitute for happiness.   Read More »

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Difficult Pregnancies… But Worth It!

Did you have an easy pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy?  Mine were horrible!  I was ill the entire nine months during both of my pregnancies… but I came out of it with two beautiful boys! Read More »

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