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Laughter Does a Body Good

Laughter has some seriously impressive benefits.  Check out some of the ways that laughter can make you not only feel good but also improve your health. Read More »

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Kid Art Gallery

In the past I’ve been told, “Wow! How do make your home look like you don’t have kids?!? It’s like an art gallery in here!”  (They wouldn’t say that if they saw the upstairs or the basement on any given day… YIKES!) I know they were paying me a compliment, but the comment actually stung a bit because I didn’t want my house to look “perfect” or look like kids weren’t welcome.  I have two active, messy, wildly creative young boys (who happen to LOVE art)!  Also, as an artist, my studio is covered in half-finished projects, piles of art supplies, random messes and paint splatters; far from perfect.  I decided that if I was going to put my artwork on display throughout the house for guests to enjoy, that it was only fair that I display some of my boys’ artwork as well.  Read More »

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A Force For Good: Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

By Jean Strait

In Western Pennsylvania, ethics and hard work go hand in hand. Coal and Steel were the two biggest industries in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where Dr. Jean Strait grew up. The ethics of hard work were passed from generation to generation.  Her mother, would tell you Jean was born a teacher, leading the neighborhood kids in just about anything. It is no wonder she grew up to become a strong advocate for service-learning and community engagement. Read More »

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New Year’s Resolution Part 2

If you are struggling with clutter in your home this New Year, then join the club!  With all the crazy activities needs and wants from family members, finding time to keep the house clean and organized can feel like an impossible task!  Let us all feel beautiful on the outside with a few tips that can make our spaces more livable and organized.

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Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Outfit

Do you like to get gussied up and go out New Year’s Eve?  Do you throw a party?  Or do you like to hang back and keep it low key, grab some munchies, play some games, or just binge watch something on TV?

I wanted to keep it low key and low stress this year but still dress up just a little for a casual get together with some friends.  If this sounds like your New Year’s Eve (or another fun evening in the coming year) I’ve put together a great look for you!

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Book Review

(This post contains affiliate links.)

By Laura Roth

I love historical fiction.  Since it often revolves around wars, particularly the Civil War or the World Wars, those periods have been the backdrop for many of the books I read.  So, when I saw Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer, a novel set in Panama during the building of the Panama Canal, I was immediately intrigued to learn about an unfamiliar-to-me era.  When I realized that Saffire is the name of a little girl who is searching for her mother who has disappeared, my mom instincts kicked in, and I was hooked. Read More »

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Music Moves Me More Than Words

I struggle a great deal with written and verbal communication due to my learning disability.  It always feels like I’m reading and hearing a foreign language.  But with music it’s a totally different story.

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From Broken Spirit to Spoken Word

By Laura Roth

 As Melessa and I finished interviewing Terry McDaniel (read that post here), she told us about Karla Smith, a spoken word artist whose day job is running a photography studio where Terry often works when styling photos.  We met up with Karla at her work and loved learning about her inspiration to become an artist, as well as how she overcame some incredible challenges as a young mother and artist, and how they have influenced her now, as an older mother with an adopted two-year-old son!

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Help Me Pick My New “About Me” Portrait!

Ok, this is totally out of my comfort zone… I mean REALLY out of my comfort zone.  I’m the one behind the camera, not in front. If you can believe it, I’ve only taken 1 selfie pic of just me… in my life!!! So, now that I’m taking on the blog at myself with the help of my hubby, I need a new “about me” photo for my blog. Which one do you like best? It’s not easy taking your own photos so Nate was kind enough to click the camera for me. Let me know your honest feedback! I can take criticism well, I’m pretty used to it as a designer.

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