Happy Fall, Y’all!

By Melessa

To celebrate the first day of autumn, we just had to do this fall leaf project. I love this project, because it’s cheap, easy to do, and would be equally fun for an adult craft night or for a kid’s art project. All you need is a few sheets of newspaper and some craft paint, in whatever colors you’d like to use to reflect your seasonal décor—I’ve done this project with my boys for both the spring and fall.

For this fall project, I went crazy with lots of colors. We simply spread out a single layer of newspapers on the table and let them go crazy with different brush strokes, gradually filling up the entire space with paint.  The bigger the brush, the faster you fill.  Make sure you let one color dry completely before starting another if you don’t want them to be blended–or if you’re like me, mix and blend and see what happens.



While the paint was drying, I had Sam and Gabe go out in the yard and gather a variety of leaves in different shapes. Decide if you want different leaves from the same type of tree, or all sorts of leaves from different trees. It doesn’t matter what colors the actual leaves are or if they have any blemishes, as you’ll only be tracing them. Once all the paint is dry, trace your leaves on the newsprint with a pencil until you’ve traced as many leaves as you want to put up on your wall. I found it’s easiest to just trace the leaves on one sheet, then put a couple more sheets of painted newsprint underneath to decrease cutting time!



Once you’re done tracing, simply cut them out (it doesn’t have to be perfect) and tape them to the wall, or hang them from some decorative branches with Christmas hooks—the boys loved drawing lines on the small leaves to make veins! Play around with them and send us a picture of what you do!





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