Best Middle School Reads

by Haley Roth

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(Note from Laura: Haley is our 7th grader.  She loves books as much as I do, and she can speed read like nobody’s business!)

Wonder by R. J. Palacio is an amazing book about how a boy with severe facial deformities deals with entering his first year of mainstream middle school.  Told from a variety of perspectives, it shares how a community can come together with compassion and overcome differences.




Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper is a favorite of mine.  Melody is an 11-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and a photographic memory.  Her body is stiff and uncooperative, forcing her to use a wheelchair.  But she can remember everything she has ever seen or heard, and is smarter than the classmates who assume she is mentally challenged simply because she can’t tell them otherwise.



Camp Rolling Hills #1 by Stacy Davidowitz is about how Stephanie escapes trouble at home by going to her much-loved summer camp, only to have her first crush turn into a camp-wide, girls vs. boys prank war!




The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  It is definitely one of my favorite series!  There is lots of action and energy in the series, which I love.  Percy is the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, and although he has just learned that, it’s suddenly up to him to stop a war between the gods over a lost thunderbolt.



Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims by Rush Limbaugh is put together very well.  It has humor, science/historical fiction, and time travel!  It somehow can teach important history to kids, while making them want to read more.




Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea is the first in a great series with so much humor.  It has seven different narrators, who are all students in Mr. Terupt’s class.  They’re all very different students, but Mr. Terupt knows how to deal with all of their personalities.  When an accident happens, they come together and learn a lesson in forgiveness.

I Funny by James Patterson is another first of a hilarious series.  It’s about how even though you had a trouble or disadvantage in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t get through it. Jamie is a middle schooler who enters a stand-up comedy contest, but when his cousin insists the judges only like him because he’s in a wheelchair, Jamie has to decide if he should tell about his troubled past, or continue hiding behind his jokes.

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  • Naoma
    October 8, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Both Thomas and Faith are super into trading as well. Always looking for new good books, thanks for the recommendations!!

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