Tween Girls’ Style

Hope you had a fun Halloween!  As we muddle through today with too little sleep and too much candy, we wanted to share our thoughts on tween styles.  It seems like in recent years, girls are dressing more like mini versions of their moms than anything else.  And that’s fine.  But we really love seeing girls who play up the fun, sweet innocence of those pre-teen years.  Laura’s girls, Haley and Jessica, were happy to oblige when we asked if they’d model for this photo shoot!

The key for tween style is to HAVE FUN!  This season, the trends are faux furs, scarves, and denim.  For hair, topknots are the go-to style, with anything relaxed and casual being a great choice.

It’s super easy to go overboard with dressing kids.  Especially girls.  But we like to remove the clutter and focus on sweet staple items that will last and be perfect as hand-me-downs.  We did not shop at all for this photo shoot. We used what the girls had.jhroth_15sm

We went through the girls’ clothing and studied everything, pairing things that they’d never put together before just to shake things up for them.

Keep it simple.  The simpler the color scheme, the better the outfit can be.  It’s easiest to accessorize the outfit that way as well.  Don’t get me wrong–if we had more time, we would have shown more options. (Don’t worry, we’ll put more styles together in the near future.  I’ll bribe my boys into letting me do a photo shoot of them too so we can talk about boys’ fashion.)

There are 4 styles of pants we are showing.  It’s totally fine to have other colored pants in your child’s closet, but for the photo shoot we pared things down, so you can see that your child can be stylish without looking like you’re on a budget.  Here is our “capsule wardrobe” for tween girls:jhroth_10sm

-Dark denim pants, light denim pants, black leggings and black pants are great basics.jhroth_11sm

-Hooded sweatshirts add warmth and texture.jhroth_6sm

-Simple white and a couple of solid color tees and graphic tees are perfect for layering.

-Converse All-Star sneakers are a must!!  They never go out of style.  Laura and I both own some, and we’ll love them forever.jhroth_7sm

-Strappy sandals are fun and comfortable…enjoy the trend!jhroth_2sm

-Cute jackets are a must, whether they are denim, faux fur, patterned, wool, etc.  They add a darling accent on everyone (young and old).jhroth_8sm

-One or two textured or patterned pieces are key to really making outfits pop.jhroth_4sm

-A pair or two of accent shoes also make an amazing statement.jhroth_14sm

-Have fun with accessories like socks, scarves, purses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair pieces.jhroth_5sm

For hairstyles, I like super fast and easy.  You see a lot of awesome styles out there, but they take a while to do.  And then we add stress to our kids’ lives when we are all running late.  I focused on fast buns and braids.  Pull their hair back in a ponytail, secure it, braid it (or not) and wrap it into a bun.  Pin it with bobby pins, spray it, and call it a day.jhroth_1sm

The key is to remember that texture and layers make the outfit.  If color intimidates you, focus on one bright color, with the rest of the outfit being neutral.  Or just stick with neutral colors and lots of texture for their outfits.  Jewelry can be the fun color pop instead of the clothes.  Most importantly, encourage your tweens to have fun and experiment!

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  • Allison T.
    November 1, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Super cute!!! Fall clothes are the best!

  • Martha
    November 2, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Great ideas for girls, love the pictures each one

    • Laura and Melessa
      November 2, 2016 at 8:37 pm

      Thanks, Martha! They had so much fun!

  • Sue
    November 3, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    The girls are so adorable & fashionable & growing up way too fast !

    Love the blog with so many different ideas ! Even a grandma who’s been around the block can learn new ideas !

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