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A True Story About Forgiveness & Love

I believe hands down the best way to teach others how to love is through actions and example.  Here is one woman’s extraordinary story of overcoming hate, overcoming the loss her son and forgiving her son’s killer.

I came across this story through Brain Morgen who is the Founder and Executive Director at Alafia Foundation: Dwelling In Possibility.  He is also responsible for my introduction to the lovely Neda Kellogg founder of Project DIVA (Dignity, Integrity, Virtue, Availability) and Molly Mogren Katt (his niece) who is a co-founder to Namakan Fur.  So here is a HUGE thank you to Brian and the outstanding service he gives to those around him!  Brian, your actions and unconditional love for others speaks way louder than words could ever say!

I had hoped to interview Mary Johnson, but she is understandably a very busy woman and many folks (way, way more accomplished than me) want to interview her.  So Brian recently let me know about her interview with NPR.  I hope to meet her someday!  Mary, your story is an inspiration to everyone who is struggling with how to forgive and demonstrate true love.  Thanks you so much for your courage and example.

Mary Johnson’s story.



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