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Dear Mom

This is a letter full of deep love and gratitude to my mother and all mothers this Mother’s Day.

I think we can all agree that one day out of the year is certainly not enough to appreciate mothers and the enormous sacrifices they make.  The bond between mother and child can be one of the most rewarding (and complicated) of all relationships.  Those of us who agreed to take on the calling of motherhood would also agree that the act of raising a child can be extremely challenging, stressful and exhausting.  There are no breaks… no pay increase… no bonus…  The best gift mothers receive is learning how to love (despite the daily grind).

For those mothers that are doing this on their own without a companion, I applaud your strength and courage!  I have watched my mother and friends do what you do.  Your grit and stamina are truly inspirational!

So, heres is to you Mom!

Thank You For Teaching me Unconditional Love and Grace

You taught me to say “I love you.” Sometimes it was easy to respond with an “I love you.”  Other times, maybe not so much.  😉  However, you still reminded me everyday… “I love you, I’m here for you, and I will always be here for you.”  You called me out when I was wrong and helped me learn from my mistakes.  It was easier for me to vent my frustrations to you because you were always quick to forgive me and love me unconditionally.

Thank You for Comforting Me

You understood my weaknesses and helped me turn them into strengths whenever possible.  I know it wasn’t easy raising me because I have a mind of my own (just like you).  You were always willing to stop what you were doing and focus your attention on me when I was in need.  You always reminded me that taking care of your children was a top priority.

Thank You for your Generosity

You supported me emotionally through my awkward grade school days.  You drove me all over the place so that I could strengthen and develop my talents.  After your long days of going back to school and starting back at work, you sacrificed your personal time to talk me through my problems when no one else cared.  You supported me mentally through college, at times reading my text books to me over the phone.  You have always been there.  You have sacrificed so much in order to give me a chance at something better.

Thank You for Teaching Me Resilience

When things did not work out as I planned and I felt like giving up, you gave me the hope to keep moving forward and reminded me of my worth as person.   As a child, your tough love seemed harsh at times, but now I’m more grateful than ever for the endurance you taught me.  You taught me to stick with it, be real and move on.  You lifted me up when I was down.  When I felt beaten and broken you helped me build myself back up even stronger.  Your actions always spoke the loudest and I always knew you loved me.  You believed in me and that I was capable of great things.

As challenging as it was at times, you let me be myself.  You were always there and ready to help.

You are amazing!  You are a warrior!  Thank you so much!  I love you!



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  • Liz
    May 9, 2017 at 10:17 am

    This is lovely!

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