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Being Inspired By Things Typically Overlooked

By Jenny Hansen Lane

I met Erin through Social Media. We are members of many creative groups together.  When I learned about her most recent invention, it kind of blew my mind in it’s simplistic solution to a common problem. So let’s get started: I love what Erin has to share with us.

Tell us a little bit about you!

My name is Erin Borges – I’m a 38 year-old mother, wife and entrepreneur. My family and I live in picturesque Carmel-by-the-sea where walking and playing on the beach with our beloved shih-tzu, Braxton, is a daily occurrence. On the weekends we can  typically be found surrounded by family and friends at BBQ’s, social events and picnics. During the week, I kick into high gear working at one of my husband’s three Chiropractic offices, running my Etsy store , and pursuing my passion; Inventing new products for moms like me with busy lifestyles. My newest invention is GoGo® Gift Bag – the gift bag that BLOOMS! A stylish, convenient, economical option to wrapping gifts on the go!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by a plethora of things – most of which are all typically overlooked. Naturally, I question the purpose of an object, and rather than looking it as what it’s intended for, I often notice the shape and begin to visualize other objects that can be created from there. I guess I see other things within things and that is typically what sparks new concepts and inspires me.

How have other women and girls inspired you?

In addition to my daughter, Dahlia, who is my main inspiration, I’m also a HUGE Sara Blakely fan! While navigating the patent process, I was thirsty for a role model – one who I could truly relate to.  I found Sara to be extremely relatable and fascinating!  In two descriptive words, I’d say she is fearless and fun!  Inspired to raise Dahlia to also live life to the fullest while being fearless, see her biggest dreams as real possibilities and grow from taking big leaps, I found that Sara represented where I wanted to go/be as a mother and a businesswoman. My daughter, Dahlia represents all the action I take to achieve that. Everything I do, she is aware of, she watches and absorbs. She inspires me to give her the absolute very best in life and what that means is investing not only in her, but in myself to be that example. We truly inspire each other in a perpetual way.

Are there any challenges that have particularly changed you?

YES! Trusting my gut!

As a young girl, I was taught to believe that everything you know stems from learned behavior, not imagination. For instance, your career is based on a degree obtained by your ability to retain the information learned and your ability to implement it. I struggled with this growing up and as an adult, I still disagree to an extent. I feel that we all possess a unique subset of qualities rooted by our innate imagination. I believe dreams are not random.  I feel they are purposeful.  I believe that feelings/emotions or “our gut” are the due diligence system we are born with for a reason that should guide us and not take a backseat. TRULY letting go of statistics, fear and a traditional perspective on business allowed me the freedom to create, form strategic relationships based on intuition and character, not simply a resume. At times, I wish my “gut” was on speed dial because often it doesn’t provide an immediate answer, when I can allow my mind (the learned behavior and statistics)  to take a backseat and allow my “gut” to steer me, it has always been spot on. Even if that means a failure, I believe that was the purposeful lesson. It is part of the journey and that lesson will be key down the road when intended to be. Making the decision to fully commit to listening to my gut was one of the most challenging obstacles I faced.

This is superb advice that applies to any problem that arises.

In what ways has trusting your gut helped you over a creative stump?

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  • Barb
    June 30, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Thanks Erin for your inspirational thoughts! I feel sometimes like I am in a creative slump and listening to your gut can provide more experiences and opportunities to be creative.

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