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Time for New 2018 Trends

… and a few trends you can say goodbye to.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday! I had a very low key week off. I wanted to take advantage of my week and get ahead a little bit, but instead I did absolutely nothing and relaxed! I am personally jazzed to kick off this year with a fresh new start and put 2017 forever behind me! How about you? I am excited.  My wounded paw is almost healed. I still have a few more weeks in a cast, but I’m feeling way better.  I still don’t have feeling back in my finger, but I’m not letting that stop me one bit. I’m also very inspired and ready to build my ideas into real products for you. That’s right: new products will be available very soon!

So let’s talk trends, shall we? For me, I have to take a couple steps back (almost two years) because my head is currently in 2019 and 2020 design trends and research. I have to be in order to get product designed, built, tested, approved, made and shipped in time for the next year. It’s madness, I know! Overwhelming right?! C’est la vie! As the world continues to evolve and change so do designers, and we are all about changing and pushing art and design to new platforms!

Here’s my best advice: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You don’t have to love every trend out there. It’s actually silly to feel like you have to keep up with the “Jones” when it comes to trends in any category. You don’t have to change out or dump your favorite things, just because that trend or look is over. If you love it and it makes you feel good, hold on to it and who cares what others think. Your home and your style should only reflect you and the loved ones who live with you. Enjoy and view what we designers have worked hard in the past year (or two) for what’s new this year and let it inspire you!

IN: Violet

Right before Christmas, I mentioned that Pantone announced their 2018 Color of the Year: Ultra Violet which has already graced its way through the creative realms of fashion, design, and home interiors. It’s a regal way to add fire to your style! You can learn more about this color from my COLOR & WHAT IT MEANS: VIOLET post. Pretty much any value of purple whether it’s muted and lavender based or rich and bold, it’s in!


IN: Warm Colors

Yellows and reds are back! If you still love your cool tones walls, that’s OKAY! Pull in a bold red or yellow to add more balance and warmth to the room.

IN: Bold Patterns

This means big bold fun floral patterns and circle patterns are strong! If furniture is too risky of an investment, you can always ease into the trend with classic bedding, throw pillows or curtains.

Image via Anthropologie

IN: Colorful Trim

I know that for some of you, this trend might freak you out a bit, but this doesn’t necessarily mean bright colors. The trim can also be a neutral tone like a warm gray hue to break up the white or cream wall.

Image via Elle Decor

IN: Wallpaper

If patterns are big you can be sure that wallpaper is in too. Design a bathroom with a vibrant print on the walls, be whimsy and mix it with a fun patterned tile on the floor. Wallpaper can tend to be pricey, so focus on small spaces, like a downstairs bathroom, laundry room or the wall behind a bed.

Image via Anthropologie

IN: High-Gloss Lacquer

For so long we have been surrounding ourselves in a world of matte finishes with white and grey walls. Designers are starting to polish things up! This look is sleek and very sexy! Not to mention easy to clean! Who doesn’t love shiny?! If you’re like me, I personally love to mix both matte and gloss finishes in my home, especially with my pottery.


IN: Unexpected Decor

These are beautiful statement pieces that are meant to draw attention and capture your eye in a room. They are also meant to be practical and useful as storage pieces. It needs to be unique to your style. It will make consumers become more intentional about what they bring into their home. There is a strong growing desire for a high-end organization in our personal spaces. It’s not only pretty, it’s smart and makes us feel more pulled together.

Image via Anthropologie

IN: Heavy Cabinetry

Finally! Back to real functional kitchens! Yes, those open shelves might look great in photos, but in real life, open shelving get’s greasy, and dirty fast. I don’t have that kind of space to just have décor items stacked on top of each other, nor do I have the time to keep it clean. Let’s get real people! That also means stark-white kitchens are on there way out. Warm tones are pushing their way back in! Warm grays, blues, and creams, as well as wood grain tones, are moving in.

Images via Pinterest

IN: Brass

Yup! We’re just moving through all the metals. Brass is back and I have to say it’s looking better than ever. Its finish is striking on kitchen cabinets and living room furniture. It’s important to incorporate metal into your decor, it breaks up the materials in a room and adds a metallic glam and shine that’s eye-catching. If you can’t decide what metallic finish you like best, do what I do, I mix all the metals around my house. It’s a timeless look and you’ll never get sick of it.

Image via West Elm

IN: Shapely Furniture

I love funky furniture lines. They can say a lot about the owner. This year it’s all kinds of quirky plush curves inspired by the 70’s. Whenever I see couches like this, I always think of people making out on them. I don’t know why, I’ve never had the privilege of having that experience on these couches, but they have a funny, kinky vibe to them. I know it’s weird, but am I right?

PHOTO: Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

IN: Black and White

This is my true decor love! I will hold on to this look for EVER and never let go! It’s a timeless combination! It’s also smart to keep this look in as a way of offsetting some of this year’s more striking and bold styles.

Image via Pinterest

IN: High Contrast Palettes

Saturated colors with white can bring balance to your space and keep it very striking.  If you struggle with choosing bolder colors, but really like them, try green or blue hues, they are very refreshing safe colors found everywhere whether you look up to the sky or deep into nature, plus best of all it’s timeless.

Image via Pinterest

IN: Tone on Tone

This trend is hit or miss. You really need to know what you are doing to successfully achieve this look. I personally like my trim to stand out more. Not to say this look isn’t interesting because it is very interesting and moody and reminds me of a drawing room from a Jane Austen novel. I personally like this look more done in fashion.

Image via Pinterest

IN: Surprising Stone

Not everything will be all white. New natural materials and shades will be parenting with marbles and woods. This also applies to new types of stone to add texture and depth to any design.

Image via CB2

IN: Artisan Fixtures

Folks are shifting more towards unique and artisan lighting. Local artists, artists from Etsy and other small businesses are more in demand for a unique way of illuminating spaces.

Image via Etsy

IN: Natural Accents & Woven Textures

It’s important to design a space that fits within the architecture it resides in and also reflect the location of where you live and where you’re from. Natural elements are essential and connect us to mother-nature. Baskets and other natural fibers (like rattan), artisan accessories will create natural beautiful spaces that will always be timeless.

Image via Crate and Barrel

IN: Jewel Tones & Velvet Furnishings

Dark cozy tones are still on trend from this Fall and 2018 is set to continue in that direction. Velvet is still very strong. If you like that material and tones, but a little intimidated to invest in a larger purchase, consider accent pillows or a throw for updating your space.

Image via Pinterest

IN: Patterned Plants

If you’re not a fan of patterns, consider a patterned plant to add some clean air and a natural patterned accent.

Image via Pinterest 

IN: Wall Art

Bare walls are out unless you are going for a deliberate minimalist look. Large art, patterns, and color are filling up the wall space this year.

Image via Pinterest 

IN: Statement Ceilings

People are starting to look up more! When you think about wallpaper, textures, or color, consider paying more attention to your ceiling.

Image via Pinterest 

IN: Spa-Inspired Bathroom

If you can’t afford the spa life you can create it in your own bathroom. Who doesn’t dream of a resort-inspired bathroom for a 30-minute escape?

 Image via Pinterest 

Here’s what’s OUT:

All-White Kitchens – warm hues are moving back in and kitchens, in particular, will continue to brighten up, replacing stark white with warm wood tones and new neutrals including cream, blue, and gray.

Random Architectural Elements – Reclaimed wood is soon to be passé if not used appropriately. Architectural elements should be cohesive with the style of your home. For example: If you have a country farmhouse or you are remodeling a home that is more country, rustic and cohesive, barn doors are appropriate in that home and will remain timeless for that home. Now that the trend is shifting, even though a barn door is rich in texture when applied in more traditional homes, this look has now become a dated trend.

Exposed Lighting

Granite Countertops – I know, I know this material is literally in almost every kitchen. Now people want more versatile surfaces, like quartz. Granite is strong but lacks the beauty of marble or the sleekness of quartz. Marble is lovely to look at, but super high maintenance and stains very easily. So quartz is the winner!

Bamboo Flooring

Open Kitchen Shelving

DIY Storage – I’m going to be brutally honest, DIY’s don’t always look great. Repurposing old creates and jars aren’t always the solution. In some places, yes they can work well, for example, kitchen pantries can look cute with those items, but bedroom closets may need to be rethought.  Folks are starting to return to professional solutions for a more organized look.

Rose Gold

Bohemian Tapestries

Accent Walls – Texture and wallpaper is the new replacement. Millwork and wainscoting or statement ceilings are taking over!

White and Stainless Steel Sinks – copper farmhouse sinks are the new faves in kitchens these days.


I know it’s a lot to cover! To sum it all up expect to see moodier palettes and glam. Start to welcome richer color palettes with different colored metallics and lacquered finishes, deeper gem tones, sleek black and white marbles, and soft velvet plushes with raw artisan accents. To simplify it even more, give your home more personality!

What trends are you sad to see go?

Which ones are your faves?






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  • Reply
    January 2, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Love the patterned plants. I’m also glad that kitchen are moving away from all white and having more storage.

    • Reply
      January 2, 2018 at 10:02 am

      I agree! I personally need a little more contrast and defiantly more storage space.

  • Reply
    January 2, 2018 at 9:42 am

    Thanks for pulling this all together! I love the colorful trim. I think it’s timeless when done right. I’m surprised about the granite countertops. I don’t see people changing those out soon. I’m sure it will come back soon! 😊

    • Reply
      January 2, 2018 at 9:56 am

      You are welcome! Yes, anything designed and styled well can be timeless. For people that want white or lighter countertops quartz is the way to go. If people want more contrast and a darker countertop, granite is a great option and always will be. Trends are really there so you try it to see if it enriches your personal style. If it doesn’t work for you, you just let it go and keep what you like.

  • Reply
    January 2, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Happy New Year! Time to remodel!😉

  • Reply
    January 2, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    I love these posts! I always love to see these inspiration shots, they help me picture how a trend can show up in a real house, not just a designer magazine.

  • Reply
    January 2, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    Wow!! vibrant colors are my favorite 💕

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