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When you nourish your body with proper nutrition, you can have boundless energy, move better, get sick much less, and absolutely love living in your body!

Hey everyone! Jo here to give you a quick introduction to my friend and coach, Betsy Moore. Betsy used to live across the street from my mom and one of my favorite memories of her is when she was eight and a half months pregnant and still out there playing basketball. Hahaha! You can imagine that when Betsy started her coaching journey and mentioned she was taking on new clients, I was like, “Yep! I want whatever she’s having!” Here’s Betsy to tell you more about what she does and more importantly, why she does it.

Written by Betsy Moore

I’ve been a student of healthy nutrition and fitness my whole life; it’s a passion of mine and something I’ve worked hard on in my own life. But I really got inspired to become a nutrition coach starting in 2012 when I invited a few friends and family members to do an 8-week “health challenge” with me. I liked the accountability of having people checking up on how I was doing. What I found as I continued running these challenges was that people came to me looking for help getting control of their eating, and I really enjoyed being able to make a difference in their lives. I decided to pursue a certification in nutrition coaching so that I could do even more to be a positive influence on people who were looking for help.

I have always been inspired by the example of my grandmother. She used nutrition in lieu of traditional medical treatments to successfully fight her own cancer, which was a pretty radical idea in the 1950’s. She went on to live cancer-free for 40 years after that! Knowing her story and learning the power of food to create or destroy health at a young age inspired me to become a life-long student of healthy eating. I’m also very inspired by the many women who don’t give up on being healthy, even when they have tried what seems like everything to lose weight or control what they eat. That takes a lot of courage, self-compassion, and tenacity!

My coaching philosophy is that gradual, habit-based changes in eating, made consistently over time, is the ONLY way to permanent, life-long change in health and lifestyle. Think of it this way: it’s your habits that got your body and lifestyle wherever you are today; so, it will take new habits to get–and keep–you somewhere better. I help people focus on and practice small, but impactful changes in habits that support their goals and overall health and fitness.

New eating habits don’t form overnight! They take lots of practice, guidance, and accountability. I don’t believe in or use fad-type diets or workouts, which may promise quick weight loss, but aren’t realistic and sustainable in the longer term. (Be honest…how many times have you tried a new diet or workout program, maybe even had some success with it, only to eventually abandon it and go right back to where you were before??) Rather than tell you exactly what to eat/not eat, I guide you through a series of habits that teach you how to make better, REAL food choices in REAL life…and perfection is never the goal; only progress. Because, let’s face it: changing is HARD work. No one is perfect all the time, and the good news is your eating doesn’t need to be perfect to reach your goals (yay!).

I have many stories I could share of large and small triumphs that my clients have made. Together we celebrate all successes, no matter how small they are! One client in particular went through a miraculous (to use her words) shift recently. She is a very busy mom of four young children and she was always focused on eating only the best, most health-promoting foods. She avoided all processed food and ate a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables; honestly, her diet was much healthier than 99% of Americans (and virtually ALL of my other clients’, too)! But, strangely, she had very little energy and had an injury that just wouldn’t heal, and it kept her from being able to exercise regularly. And she felt so run-down that she couldn’t keep up with her family’s busy schedule. She felt at a loss as to what to do because her diet already seemed to be “perfect.” She hired me to help her and within just a few weeks and a couple of small changes to her food intake, she began to notice a big increase in her energy levels. Now, she is able to keep going strong all day with her kids’ many activities and her own school schedule; and her injury improved dramatically so that she no longer felt limited in her exercise activity. She is ecstatic to have her life back! And she can hardly believe that a slight change could make such a huge difference to the way she felt and performed every day. It’s been thrilling for me to be a part of making such a big difference in that family’s life! I feel so blessed to have the training to be able to take a close look at someone’s eating habits–no matter where they are starting–and help them make adjustments, be accountable, and discover how great they can feel when they are well-nourished! That kind of story is what really excites me in coaching.

Nutrition coaching with me is a one-year program, customized to YOU and your goals–whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, fine-tune your sport performance, or just feel better and have more energy. I work closely with you to create a program that works in the reality of your life. We start slowly, right where you are, and progress gradually, adding and tracking daily habits one at a time. I meet with you one-on-one regularly, where we do a check-up on your program, track your progress, and troubleshoot any problems or concerns. When you leave our meeting, you know exactly what actions you need to work on until we meet again. And I’m always available through email and text messaging whenever questions arise.

As a companion to personal nutrition coaching, I use a world-class, habit-based, online coaching program (hosted by Precision Nutrition, a world leader in evidence-based nutrition research and nutrition education) to deliver daily lessons that help guide you through a nutrition or lifestyle habit that you check off each day. You get a new habit every two weeks and an email reminder each day. Over time, doing those habits really adds up. If you faithfully do the daily habit, I personally guarantee that you will get results (lose weight, gain muscle, more energy, etc). In fact, if you work the program for a year and don’t feel it has benefited you, I will give you a 100% refund.

I offer personal nutrition coaching and online nutrition coaching, or a combination of both. The online program dovetails perfectly with the one-on-one coaching and you will get the best results using both together. Personal coaching can be done no matter where you live, using video calling technology; however, if you live near Lehi, Utah, we can meet in person.I’m so fortunate to be a member of an amazing Facebook group of nutrition and fitness coaches who use the same principles and methods that I do (Precision Nutrition). It’s a community of coaches who have a lot of experience in all kinds of situations and are always eager to give suggestions and advice to other coaches when any of us have questions or difficult issues with clients. It’s a fantastic, supportive resource that makes me feel like I have hundreds of co-coaches, many of whom have been coaching for a lot longer than I have. When I am stumped by what to do for a client, these amazing friends are there to offer ideas and advice.

If having boundless energy, moving better, getting sick less often, losing fat or gaining muscle, and/or loving living in your body sound like the kind of life you want, nutrition coaching may be right for you! If you’re ready to quit the merry-go-round of diet and workout fads and finally develop healthy eating habits that you can stick with for LIFE, please contact me at to set up a time to discuss your goals and whether nutrition coaching is right for you.

Each woman has such a far-reaching influence on the world; I think we scarcely realize the profound impact that we have on the people around us, for good or ill. Keep working on being your best self! Never give up on that because you are of INFINITE worth. Every investment you make in YOU will be rewarding in some way. Improving yourself is improving the world, so make self-improvement a life-long pursuit.

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    January 30, 2018 at 9:13 am

    I feel lucky to work with you Betsy! I’m thrilled with my progress and know it is only the beginning.

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    January 30, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Great post! Thanks for sharing with us! This sounds like something that can benefit pretty much anybody!

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