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Difficult Pregnancies… But Worth It!

Did you have an easy pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy?  Mine were horrible!  I was ill the entire nine months during both of my pregnancies… but I came out of it with two beautiful boys! Read More »

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Family Photos

Ok, let’s be honest.  How many of us really like the family photo experience?  It’s almost comical when I arrive for a family photo shoot.  Without fail, at least one of the kids is upset and the parents are stressed.  I put on my smile and begin to capture “beautiful moments.” Ha!  And you know what?  My own kids pull the same thing on me when I’m trying to take a photo of them.  If you asked my husband and boys what hell is like, they would definitely say: a family photo shoot that goes on for eternity.  I, for one, enjoy photographing other families, but taking photos of my own family is another story… especially when I have to set up the shot behind the camera, set the camera timer and then run to my position in the shot!  ARRGGHH!!!  I wish I had a video camera recording us during these “precious” moments of family time.   Read More »

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Connecting Creative Women: Inspirational Conference for a Cause

I believe everyone deserves a chance…  A chance to learn, to grow, to find a voice… When we take action to pursue our dreams and passions and then share that journey of discovery with others, we demonstrate that it can be done! That challenges can be overcome! That goals can be achieved and that dreams can be realized!  Read More »

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Gift Ideas For Mom

If you’re anything like me you love gifts from the heart.  I prefer giving and receiving gifts that are more interactive.  A gift of one’s time comes across as thoughtful and genuine.  I was thinking of doing a mom’s DIY for today’s post, but decided to change it up and think about not what my kids can do for me, but what I can do for my mom… Read More »

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Strawberry Goat Cheese Danishes

You guys know my dear friend Amy!  If you missed out on the last post with her as my guest then be sure to click on this link Sweetish Love Knots.  Well, as I’ve said before, she’s pretty awesome and on top of that she make’s up these awesome recipes and bakes them with the help of her little man Ben, but I call him Mr. B and of course Rigel (their pup) is always on hand for moral support too!  I also get to sample these at the end of our photoshoot and I have so say YUM!  You need to totally try this! Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Making HerStory

A Beautiful Life Worth Living

Doctors have the thankless job of delivering what is often the worst news a family can receive: the terminal diagnosis of a loved one.  Hear how Dr. Janel Ward copes with those conversations, and the challenges that inspired her to become a doctor.   Read More »

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String Wall Art

Are you tired of just putting photos or prints up in your home?  Why not take string to a new level and do something funky on your walls?!? Read More »

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The Art of Intimacy

Do you practice meditation?  If you don’t, I highly recommend it!  Meditation clears out the clutter in your mind and helps you focus on the present (the here and now).  That being said I believe intimacy can be the perfect medium to practice meditation. Read More »

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