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Beautiful on the Inside

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Believe You Can Fly

Jaton White is a warrior. Even though she may come across very shy, she is very energetic and full of life. When I asked her, “How would you describe yourself?” she smiled, looked up and said, “I am hope. I am life. I am human. I’m a woman. I’m black. I’m a mother. I’ve been able to give life. That encompasses everything. So I am everything.”   Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Reaching Out

Striving for More Trust

Patricia is all about having an abundant life. She’s an encaustic artist, author and international instructor striving for 15 years now to reach more, teach more, inspire more throughout the world; no matter how big or small. Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Reaching Out

Bridging The Gaps Between Scientists And The Public

Words by Kaylynne Glover.

I had just given a presentation at the University of Kentucky where I am earning my PhD in Biology. My research focuses on understanding the biology behind our sexual behavior, and in my presentation, I addressed sexually coercive behavior. Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Self-Care

Back To Routines

Summer has come to a close and it’s time to get back into some healthy routines. This summer, I really let my guard down and truly relaxed a tone. Oh man did I need to! I took each day at a time, slept in if I wanted and rushed nowhere. Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside

Envy & Entitlement

The next time you are angry with the world, ask yourself if you’ve really been dealt the wrong hand, or just maybe, were you expecting a bit too much. Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Beautiful on the Outside

Love More

With the recent events, I want you to know that I strongly believe that all people should be treated with respect and kindness. No one is above another. We are all brothers and sisters. I believe that hate slows us down and makes us lose focus of our personal progression and potential.
Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Making HerStory

Being a Positive Force

Bianca Rhodes is a producer, artist and film maker in the Twin Cities. Currently, she is the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) Productions and Sponsorship Coordinator for Community Productions.  “My goal, my mission is to change the narrative of black woman in regards to media depictions.” Read More »

Beautiful on the Inside,Making HerStory

Less Comparison, More Encouragement

Meet Carlee Hansen. She is as she calls herself “an average girl with an extremely twisted sense of humor, a love for telling a good story and an uncanny knack for tracking down awkward moments in life and living them to their fullest. She figured that all of those things combined should produce an entertaining, if not totally uncomfortable, read.” – Carlee Hansen, “Peas are Gross.” Read More »

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