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Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate

Gift Ideas For Mom

If you’re anything like me you love gifts from the heart.  I prefer giving and receiving gifts that are more interactive.  A gift of one’s time comes across as thoughtful and genuine.  I was thinking of doing a mom’s DIY for today’s post, but decided to change it up and think about not what my kids can do for me, but what I can do for my mom… Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate

Last Minute Easter Table Setting

If you’re like me and your week is just full of to-do’s and you are looking for an easy yet beautiful way to make a centerpiece on your table for Easter… look no further!  I’ve got a lovely idea for you! Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate

Easter Bento Box

Happy Friday, folks!  Easter is right around the corner and I’ve got some fun ideas for you!  If you want to get more use out of your colorful plastic Easter eggs and create an easy, yet super fun way to pack your kiddos a lunch or surprise them with a whimsical snack, then try an Easter bento box… Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate,Design

Sweet Hearts of My Sweethearts

Why not show the sweethearts in your life how much you love them.  Here is a fun whimsical way to display your favorite photos of your loved ones just in time for Valentine’s Day. Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate

New Year’s Resolution Part 2

If you are struggling with clutter in your home this New Year, then join the club!  With all the crazy activities needs and wants from family members, finding time to keep the house clean and organized can feel like an impossible task!  Let us all feel beautiful on the outside with a few tips that can make our spaces more livable and organized.

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Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate,Style

Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Outfit

Do you like to get gussied up and go out New Year’s Eve?  Do you throw a party?  Or do you like to hang back and keep it low key, grab some munchies, play some games, or just binge watch something on TV?

I wanted to keep it low key and low stress this year but still dress up just a little for a casual get together with some friends.  If this sounds like your New Year’s Eve (or another fun evening in the coming year) I’ve put together a great look for you!

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Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate

Music Moves Me More Than Words

I struggle a great deal with written and verbal communication due to my learning disability.  It always feels like I’m reading and hearing a foreign language.  But with music it’s a totally different story.

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Beautiful on the Outside,Celebrate,Decor,Design

Deck the Halls and Make them Sparkle!

This is the very first Holiday season in 14 years where I’m not rushing to finish a catalog last minute!  The Talisman Designs catalog is done, I’m working on research and new designs concepts for 2018.  I feel like I have time to take a deep breath, exhale and focus on my family!  So, when I have time, I love to create magical dreamscapes for my family to experience. During the Holiday season I love to bring the magical wintery wonderland inside.

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