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Lolly Jane!

The lovely ladies over at Lolly Jane (an amazing blog, with so many great ideas, and a huge, loyal following – if you haven’t visited, you should totally do it today!) were kind enough to allow me to do a guest post on their blog!  I am SO excited!!!  It also happens to be one of my favorite home projects.  Check it out!  Thank you so much Lolly Jane!



Beautiful on the Outside,Decor,Design

Oh, Color! I Love You So!

Image via West Elm

Colors plays a huge role in the world we live in.  Color also has different meanings in various cultures.  Color can actually sway the way you think, adjust your mood, irritate or relax your eyes, raise your blood pressure or calm you, it can even affect your appetite. Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Decor

A Little Sneak Peak at What’s to Come…

I’m so excited!  I have my first E-design!  This is something new that I will be starting up super soon.  More service details to come…  For now  I have a “1 Room” post and I am doing a classical and traditional East coast, very approachable budget friendly family room. Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Decor,Design

My Creative Escape

There are lots of different ways to deal with stress.  Some healthy, some not so healthy.  Some people go on vacations, some run or do yoga.  Others hit the bar or binge eat (I have totally eaten my feelings in the past).  For me: I build, paint and create. Read More »

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Wallpaper Crush

I have a love / hate relationship with wallpaper.  If you’ve ever had to remove layer upon layer of wallpaper, you know exactly what I’m talking about.   Read More »

Beautiful on the Outside,Decor

Making Your Bedroom Feel Like an Escape!

Struggling to make your bedroom feel a little more romantic and more like an escape?  I’ve got some tips for you that can help make you feel like you don’t have to run far to feel like your far, far away. Read More »

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Sneak Peak At 2017 Decor & Gift Trends

Check out my favorite 2017 products I found at one of the worlds largest gift shows (in Atlanta).  It was full of all styles of decor, holiday, kitchen and gifts for 2017 Spring and Summer trends.  It’s the leading wholesale marketplace with showrooms in over 7 million square feet and three building complexes.  It’s super exciting (and crazy exhausting!) to be exposed to so many manufacturer’s product lines and designer collections all in one place.

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Kid Art Gallery

In the past I’ve been told, “Wow! How do make your home look like you don’t have kids?!? It’s like an art gallery in here!”  (They wouldn’t say that if they saw the upstairs or the basement on any given day… YIKES!) I know they were paying me a compliment, but the comment actually stung a bit because I didn’t want my house to look “perfect” or look like kids weren’t welcome.  I have two active, messy, wildly creative young boys (who happen to LOVE art)!  Also, as an artist, my studio is covered in half-finished projects, piles of art supplies, random messes and paint splatters; far from perfect.  I decided that if I was going to put my artwork on display throughout the house for guests to enjoy, that it was only fair that I display some of my boys’ artwork as well.  Read More »

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Deck the Halls and Make them Sparkle!

This is the very first Holiday season in 14 years where I’m not rushing to finish a catalog last minute!  The Talisman Designs catalog is done, I’m working on research and new designs concepts for 2018.  I feel like I have time to take a deep breath, exhale and focus on my family!  So, when I have time, I love to create magical dreamscapes for my family to experience. During the Holiday season I love to bring the magical wintery wonderland inside.

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Thrift Store Christmas Tree

By Melessa

You know that saying, “One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”  Well, that couldn’t be more true for my Christmas tree.

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