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Pucker Up, Buttercup!

If you’re on social media, then I’m sure that by now you’ve heard about LipSense.  If you haven’t tried it yet and you’re wondering if it’s legit… it totally is!  It’s a great product!  If you’re wondering how to get it, keep reading… Read More »

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Color & What It Means – Part 2

Yellow and Green!  Two very cheerful colors, but did you know one of these colors can cause you to loose your temper… try to guess which one it is! Read More »

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Last Minute Easter Table Setting

If you’re like me and your week is just full of to-do’s and you are looking for an easy yet beautiful way to make a centerpiece on your table for Easter… look no further!  I’ve got a lovely idea for you! Read More »

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Do You Feel Blessed?

For those of you out there that are going through hard times that are so painful you cannot see a light ahead of you, first know that you are NOT alone!  For some of us, our hardships last days, weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime.  We can find ourselves giving all that we have and hoping for a break, but instead we still have to keep fighting to move forward each and every step because the hardship just doesn’t end.  I’ve often heard over and over again, “If you do what is right you will be blessed.”  Seriously?!? WHEN?!? Read More »

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Easter Bento Box

Happy Friday, folks!  Easter is right around the corner and I’ve got some fun ideas for you!  If you want to get more use out of your colorful plastic Easter eggs and create an easy, yet super fun way to pack your kiddos a lunch or surprise them with a whimsical snack, then try an Easter bento box… Read More »

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We All Need Each Other

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Raising a family is beautiful… and hard. It’s important to know you have support and that you are not alone.  Are you a mother of young children looking for some help?  Maybe you’re in need of a mom who’s been there and done that and can offer some advice and encouragement?  Maybe you simply need to connect with other moms and have some honest, real conversations, listen to some insightful speakers, or just dig into a good craft with others like you?  Then you might find yourself right at home with lovely ladies at Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS).   Read how Sara Lewis’s experiences with MOPS changed her life, helped her find balance, and provided her with an opportunity to strengthen and support other moms.   Read More »

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Door colors… On the inside… I’m asking you!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Ready for a nice relaxing weekend or are you ready to hit a home project?  Since I’ve been chatting a lot about color, and showing you photos of how to be funky with color accents, it was time to apply some of that into my own home.   Read More »

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Color & What It Means Part 1

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Color trends come and go, but all you really need to worry about is which colors make you feel comfortable and happy.  Make your home beautiful by choosing colors that reflect who you are.  The tricky part is knowing how to blend and arrange the colors you like into a combination that come together well. Read More »

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Lolly Jane!

The lovely ladies over at Lolly Jane (an amazing blog, with so many great ideas, and a huge, loyal following – if you haven’t visited, you should totally do it today!) were kind enough to allow me to do a guest post on their blog!  I am SO excited!!!  It also happens to be one of my favorite home projects.  Check it out!  Thank you so much Lolly Jane!



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Oh, Color! I Love You So!

Image via West Elm

Colors plays a huge role in the world we live in.  Color also has different meanings in various cultures.  Color can actually sway the way you think, adjust your mood, irritate or relax your eyes, raise your blood pressure or calm you, it can even affect your appetite. Read More »

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